Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Ethiopia's girl band group(YEGNA) receives £5.2million grant from Britain

The UK government has given a grant of £5.2million to fund an Ethiopian girl band project called yegna. The group, a girl effect project works to enhance the role of women through music.
 The money will also help the group to develop a radio drama to help change the perception of women in Ethiopia especially girls who are victims of early and forced marriage.

 The UK government believes the group YEGNA plays an important role in women's rights in Ethiopia which is in line with its global efforts to avert childhood marriage of young girls in Africa.

 The UK government spends about £12billion annually on Aid globally. The government said its projects had prevented early marriages for more than 40,000 girls in Africa , according to reports.

"In the developing world in five years, one billion people possibly two billion are going to have small and inexpensive phones. They are going to demand access to information they could never see before. That will have all sorts of ramifications"-Jim Wales (Founder of Wikipedia)

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