Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Large Waists is dangerous to women and men

Men and women with large waists are at significant risk of heart disease and diabetes in their fifties and sixties, the UK Chief Medical Officer has warned.
 A large waist can indicate extra fat around the organs, which can lead to type2 diabetes and other health problems.

According to 'The Times' a report has found that deaths from type2 diabetes in the 50-70 age range have risen by 97% in men and 57% in women since 1990, with lack of exercise a significant factor.

Libby Dowling, Senior clinical adviser at Diabetes UK said:
"If your waist size is too large, it can indicate that you are carrying extra fat around your organs, which is dangerous

 Maintainig a healthy Body Mass Index(BMI) and waist size, by eating a healthy diet and moving more, are key ways to help maintain your health into older age".

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