Wednesday, 14 December 2016

UNICEF raises alarm on the devastating impact of Boko-Haram violent Conflict on Children

"The violent conflict in North-East Nigeria has left children severely malnurished and at risk of death"-Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director. Photo: Facebook

 The Unicef  Executive director has raised alarm on the current the situation of children in North East Nigeria.
"We estimate that 400,000 children will suffer from severe acute malnutruition over the next year in the three affected states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa where farming have been disrupted and crops destroyed, food reserves depleted and often pillaged and livestock killed or abandoned.

 If they do not receieve the treatment they need 1in5 of these children will die. Cases of diarrhoea, malaria and pneumonia are on the rise, further endangering children's lives .

" What is already a crisis can become a catastrophe" (relief web)

These people are victims of Boko Haram , ranked by the Global Terrorism index as the world's deadliest terror group. According to Emily Retter, The murderous militants, who have close ties to Islamic state, are said to have slaughtered more than 15,000 people in six years.Their occupation of the swathes of the country has left a bloddy trail of execution, rape, kidnap and arson. And this summer, it became freighteingly clear they have left something else in their wake-starvation.

The Nigerian military is now freeing areas from Boko-Haram control, but they are uncovering starving people stripped of their farms and crops by the terrorists, or driven from their homes with nothing.
 The current horrors are worryingly reminiscent of the Biafran war of the late 1960s, when fighting and famine killed more than one million Biafrans. Images of emaciated children horrified people across the world.

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