Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Buhariology; a significant lesson in history- Part 1

"I have climbed to the top of the greasy pole, grubby, grasping, manipulative, demagogic, cynical"-Charles Krauthammer. Photo: Google Images.

With the great optimism that greeted his election as president in 2015, Buhariology is a significant lesson in the 'supreme power of politics to produce ever-expanding circles of ruin'-("extermination of everything that opposes it").

The government seems to be stumbling from one crisis to the other but each 'successive problem' is of its own making- deranged policies of discrimination and divisions.
The leadership has taken the nation back to 20th century politics- police state, the command economy, mass propaganda, routinized terror, mechanised murder'.
Even his wife alerted the nation of the dangers of his continued leadership. According to her , a brutal cabal ,'ruthless and cynical demagogues whose only interest is power' has hijacked the government; a warning of dangerous times to come.

The leadership believes in state power and resists constitutional reforms that calls for a more 'restrictive vision of government more consistent with the dreams of the nation's founders. It set up a kangaroo electoral reform body starved of funds to buy time; only for the head of the so-called body jettisions the commission to join partisan politics- the ruling party. The exercise was a ruse for re-election. Vital democratic institutions are compromised.

 Independent electoral commission was annexed to the seat of power to pick and choose who wins elections. The anti-graft agency hunts down political opponents- 'a sustained act of terror designed to dethrone and debase political opponents'. The leadership selects justice, choses the law at will; 'whatever the president and his agents decide' and mocks the seperation of power.

Till date, innocent girls of 'Chibok' is shrudded in conspiracy theories; a war on poverty causing irreparable damage to the very communities it was designed to help. What an experiment!.
 Various communities are infested with a new virus-invading murderers with a tradition of 'raiding, depopulating and appropriating neighbouring lands to justify the cruelty of the conquest'. Sectarian violence is on the rise and pepertrators never brought to book; only forced public statements.

 The government's reckless and rudderless leadership led the country into economic recession resulting in naira depreciation, high inflation and economic uncertainty.
Despite unfavourable opinion polls the leadership still believes his policies can win him power in 2019.
 The whole place is in ruins: massive unemployment,gross human right abuse, insecurity,collapsing educational and health infrastructure, lack of electricity, etc. There is no adequate plans for the challenges posed by technology. There is wide spread agony, uncertainty, decline both 'spiritual and material'.

 What marvels me is why he choose to be president?. Why does he want to seek re-election?. Everything that has a begining will have an end. How it should end is our collective guess.
 The world has moved from the era of "totalitarian barbarism" to a new era where individual liberty flourishes.

 The leadership still has great opportunity to provide a ' responsive  and responsible leadership' that ensures a 'fairer and inclusive' society- this will be his legacy.

This is a period of repentance and sober reflection as we explore a new world of ' liberty and democracy; the last hope of man'.

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Uche Okeke .

Buhariology ,'dramatically demonstrate how anti-democratic elements that achieve power democratically can destroy the very democracy that empowered them'

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