Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Everything is politics- 'Confusion and amusement'

"For all the sublimity of art, physics, music, mathematics and other manifestations of human genius, everything depends on the mundane, frustrating, often debased vocation known as politics"- Charles Krauthammer.

Last week was Governors Rochas Okorocha and Willie Obiano. One says the other is a motor park Governor, the other said, his state is yet to see a difference. Rivers state is Amaechi versus Wike, etc. Ken Nnnamani jettisions new electoral reform commission to join the ruling APC.

 Our dear president says there is no date on his return to the country sparking a new constitutional crisis. The Vice President said it's only the President that has a right to declare his state of health.During the time of late president Yaradua, President Buhari called for his impeachment, now the same fate has befallen him. How they will resolve it is our collective guess.

 Oby Ezekwesili said Sambisa forest is very big, government only captured a small part maybe the size of Kubwa whereas Boko Haram occupies the rest of Abuja. Atiku favours restructuring of the present political system, the other people want to maintain the status-quo, because it benefits them, the overlords,,,.

Iran will wipe out Israel, Isis, Ukraine, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Brexit, America, Russia, Trade, Immigration, etc. all depends on politics. Even social media is now politics. one man settled his wife as ordered by the court, she blew the money on luxury.She went back to court and the same court ordered the man who is now married to a new wife to continue paying the ex-wife, because they think he has the means.

 According to the Israeli Prime Minister: "Iran is a much more dangerous enemy than Isis or al-Qaeda. He says Iran wants ''to anihilate Israel." Iran seeks to conquer the Middle East, it threatens Europe, the West and the rest of the world".

The US Defence secretary called Iran "the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world". Sudanese President Omar al- Bashir said Iran is spreading Shia Islam in Sudan. Nigeria has also accussed Iran of doing the same thing in Nigeria. I thought Islam is one religion?.

 Vladimir Putin of Russia disagrees with the new American President who described Iran as "the No.1 terrorist state".Russia says that have a special relationship with Iran but it will not stop them from pursing initiatives that will make the world a better place. "It is no secret for anyone that Moscow and Washington hold diametrically opposed views on many international issues, but, that should not be an obstacle when it comes to forging normal communications and pragmatic mutually beneficial relations between Russia and the US ", says President Putin's spokesman.

We have just one Earth. According to Charles Krauthammer, "It is only when values, ideologies, cultures and interest clash that politics even begins....,if we don't get politics right, everything else risks extinction".
 This is where American Leadership comes into play. The new US leadership has demonstrated interest in making the world a better place, the very single reason for politics.

 President Donald Trump and Mr Putin say they want to try to rebuild Washington-Moscow relationship for a better world.
The world wants peace. Russia too, wants peace. Nigeria wants peace.
President Trump says he thought it was better to get along with Russia because it could help in the fight against Isis.

 They said President Trump does not smoke or drink alcohol, he only drinks diet coke. I'm not advertising diet coke. No wonder he is the king of the fixing republic- "that's what i do, i fix things". Probably he will help bring peace to the world,and make the world a better place, the very simple work of politics.

 One astronaut said of his experience of viewing Earth from the moon: "You develop an instant global consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world and a compulsion to do something about it"-Edgar D. Mitchell

Uche Okeke.
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