Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Go on with one Nigeria: 'The exploitation of scale economies in violence'

President Muhammadu Buhari. Photo: Facebook

"The process of consolidating control over larger territory using scale of economies in violence-extract more resources and build a bigger army capable of defeating the competing thug who rules the adjacent territory"- Prof. Sir. Collier

Economic development needs polities that are centralized and inclusive, but poor countries choose violence instead of production and commitment to technology and innovation.

Nigeria is a case study where some entity(cabal) control the territory. It's an oil economy.
 This entity has a monopoly of violence. They are the only actor in the territory that is capable of wrecking violence over others'.

Nigeria is a heterogeneous society divided along ethnic/regional lines. Instead of the country to embrace limited government, production, , diversification and incentive for tax ,"exploitation of scale and specialization" as envisioned by the founding fathers, a military cabal jetisioned the idea of regional autonomy using violence for resource control.

 The result is obvious: frequent political and economic instability, division, corruption, sycophancy and widespread violence.

The center controls the resources of the country to fund a larger military to maintain order in the polity, benefit their friends, families and associates. They choose who wins election, influence democratic institutions to consolidate power.

There has been widespread calls to restructure the country by reverting to 'limited government'/ regional autonomy to reduce cost, facilitate production, trade ,effective tax system , new opportunities,  creativity, greater citizen engagement and participation,and greater economic activities, but there is great resistance from the leadership who was part of the entity using violence for resource control, thus prefering the status-quo.

"Limited government avoids national insolvency and breeding debiliating individual dependency. It encourages and celebrates character, independence, energy, hardwork as the foundations of a free society and a thriving economy"-Charles Krauthammer.
 Limited government will help "promote the exploitation of scale and specialization'', unlock our natural, human and social capital as well as financial capital.

Poor countries remain poorer because they choose violence instead of production, education, time consistency and committment to technology.

 "A federal structure whose prime objective is to maintain security by curbing regional and ethnic influence does not foster development"-African Research Institute.

According to Russell Brand, the most potent tool in maintaing the status-quo is our belief that change is impossible.

 Ignore the political parties; "They own both the teams that are competing, the stadium they play in, the grass they play on, and we are the ball they're kicking-''.

This is the time to re-think, reorganise and take on the future.

Uche Okeke; currently participates at the first MOOC on Economic Development at Oxford University, UK.

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