Monday, 27 February 2017

How to make the best of social media

"The application of knowledge and the cummulation of that through education and dissemination through various media and institutions are integral to human progress"- Minouche Shafik, BoE Deputy Governor for Markets and Banking (City A.M) Photo: Uche Okeke

We can only make a difference in the world by inspiring people to start a conversation about their present and the future. Today technology has enabled this process, it's only for us to make use of it to achieve the change we want.

 However, the few minority who benefit from the way things are invade this space through their agents to spread 'fake news' to distort reality and ensuring that ordinary people do not succeed .

"But if we are to get the most of it we must listen to the otherside and engage with views that are different from our own. There should be also a willingness to engage with those opposing opinions, rather than falling into online channels in which we only subscribe to the views of those with whom we agree...we can all make an effort to engage with views that are different from our own and resist algorithmic channeling into an echo chamber"-Minouche Shafik.

Let us learn to make good use of social media to learn something new and seek for the views that are different from ours as this can help change our world view of events around us.
As the world continue to witness large scale political and econoomic challenges as well as climate change, it needs conversation of ideas aligning business, government and civil society.

"When nearly everyone in a field shares the same political orientation , certain ideas become orthodoxy, dissent is discouraged and errors can go unchallenged. The dissent drives change, advances enlightenment and fosters human flourishing. It is only through constant challenge that the truth can stay strong and only through learning how to argue against error that successive generations can effectively defend what is right."-Michael Gove, Former, UK Justice Secretary.

 Be proud of your opinion !

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