Monday, 27 February 2017

Life in a rural society: " You give me the food or i'll beat you up"

'Rethink, Re-organise, Take on the Future.'- Uche Okeke

Life in a rural society is not a good world. There is no moral order, the ruler is never kind. It's always violence: Killing, kidnapping,  robbery, mechanized murder, routinised terror, raping , beheading, prostitution, fake prophets, ponzi schemes; the more you look the less you see, the gods of Malaysia, alfas, the herdsmen, etc.

 No electricity, no internet, no libraries,  no jobs, no good education, no good health care services, no good roads, workers salaries are not paid, no pension; it's only the big thugs and the rich people they borrowed money from to win the battle of the village, and the big army. The big army has to be fed very well to protect the village.The wins of the war must be shared with the rich people who helped to win the war. You must be a grandson of the great great grandfather thug to live in this rural society. If you are not with us ,you are against us , etc.

 "Building a tax system is long, slow process...,your enemy might be in power by the time that the tax system is working''.
Our great, great grandfather said we must be in power. If you don't agree, we will kill you.

"Some parts of the world have gradually built up order, a centralised state, others are still struggling to do that; a place we might expect; violence to diminish,order to build up"- Prof. Sir.Paul Collier.

 Rural societies must re-write their history to embrace a new future. We may not have all the answers but we can make a difference. Everyone has a voice, we should use it to be heard.

 Ignore those 'fake people'- agents of the unproductive thugs who promote fake news on social media.

 According to Minouche Shafik, BoE Bank of England, Deputy Governor for Markets and Banking, "there should be a willingness to engage with those opposing opinions, rather than falling into online channels in which we only subscribe to the views of those with whom we agree".

 'On Social media and in shrill political debate, the temptation to inhabit such a space is particularly attractive, but if we are to get the most of it we must learn to listen to the otherside and engage with views that are different from our own''.

 Sadly some people who kill economic activities- the violent thugs, invade this space on a mission to "distort reality and foster cynicism'', the same choice that have brought rural societies to it's knees.

 I want to take my time to complete this story, no need to be in a hurry. We have just one single mission; to help push human progress.. You too can make a difference.

Poor societies need to move from anarchy to a centralised state where there is a moral order and economic activities, rule of law, build effective and efficient tax system, commitment to technology, trade and inclusive society where there is proper checks and balances of power to use the country's resources to improve the lives of ordinary people.

Nigeria is battling with these challenges being an oil economy, spending more money to maintain security for the benefit of the elites.

 There is a need for protest, civil disobedience, non-violent, to force the elites to change the system to become inclusive to benefit all the citizens.

The country needs to turn around it's economic fortunes, become open democratic society with independent democratic institutions that guarantee seperation of power.

 One way this can happen is to restructure the country, embrace limited government/regional autonomy.
Regional autonomy will enhance freedom, spreads opportunity widely and helps to control the power of the state.

Independent regions will give rise to "merchants, industrialists and entrepreneurs as well as workers who will be free to seek employment by selling their labour to the highest bidder. The effect will be the creation of a new dynamic economic structure characterised by rapid growth and above all by freedom of the individual" -Neil McNaughton

Uche Okeke currently participates at the first MOOC on Economic Development at Oxford University.

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