Friday, 3 February 2017

The key to the White House throne.

While the world celebrated Ex-President Obama as a unifier and moral champion of American values, critics blamed his domestic and foreign policy strategies especially 'Immigration and ISIS' as the reason for the triumph of President Donald Trump.

 According to Charles Krauthammer, winner of the Pulitzer Price ; Obama failed to intervene on behalf of " the fierce urgency of now".

 In his words: "The president's demeanor is worrying a lot of people. From immigration crisis on the Mexican border to the Islamic State rising in mesopotamia, Barrack Obama seems totally detached from the world's convulsions. When he does interrupt his endless rounds of golf, fund-raising and photo ops, it's for some affectless, mechanical, almost forced public statement.

 Obama's pinkprick sanctions, his failure to rally a craven Europe, his refusal to supply Ukraine with weapons it has been begging for..., A real US President would give Kiev the weapons it needs, impose devastating sectoral sanctions on Moscow, reinstate our central European missle-deffence system...., Obama has done none of these things. Why should he? He's on the right side of history."

 He continued: "The arc of history may indeed bend toward justice, Mr president. But as you say, the arc is long. The job of a leader is to shorten it, to intervene on behalf of  " the fierce urgency of now" otherwise, why do we need a president? And why did you seek to become ours?"(Things That Matter; Charles Krauthammer)

Furthermore, Steve Bannon, President Trump's Chief Strategist ,lashing out at the Americam mainstream media ,said the media is yet to understand why President Donald Trump won the elections and had this to say: "I want you to quote this: The media here is the opposition party. They don't understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States"(The Guardian)

The first few days of President Donald Trump's actions; executive orders and political appointments tend to demonstrate that some Americans really did not agree with Obama's foreign and domestic policy strategies and truly want America to be great again, fearing a Hillary Clinton's victory would be an extension of Obama's legacies.

 President Trump's press secretary,  Sean Spicer, ' lambasted the sacked Justice Minister, Sally Yates, calling her an Obama Administration appointee who is weak on borders and very weak on illegal immigration'.

 Similarly, Republican Senator Ted Cruz, once President Trump's presidential rival defended the decision to sack Ms Yates saying: "After eight long years of a lawless Obama Department of Justice, it is fitting and sad that the very last act of Obama DOJ is to defy the newly elected President, refuse to enforce the law, and force the President to fire her"(Evening Standard: 'Trump sacks legal chief after she defies his 'Muslim ban' ; 31 January, 2017)

UK's Nigel Farage, former UKIP leader and a good friend of President Trump said at the recent  inauguration of President Donald Trump, the crowd were 'booing former presidents'. .., "They hate Hillary. Even the democrats boo Hillary...., Trump is a star, bullish: a champion, and ordinary people want a champion".

 However, Ex-President Obama declared he has left the world a better place."We made America more respected around the world, took on the mantle of leadership in the fight to protect this planet for our kids, and much,much more", but President Donald Trump doesn't seem to agree with that declaration.

 In his words at the recent annual National Prayer breakfast he said:  "The world is in trouble- but we're going to straighten it out, Ok. That's what i do. I fix things. We're going to staighten it out. Believe me.
 When you hear about the tough phone calls i'm having, don't worry about it. They're tough.
We have to be tough, it's time we're going to be a little bit tough, folks.
We're taken advantage by every nation in the world, virtually, It's not going to happen anymore"; ('Donald Trump at the Annual National Prayer Breakfast' ; The Guardian)

 Uche Okeke
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