Thursday, 23 February 2017

You must earn £18,000 per annum to bring foreign spouse to the UK says Supreme court

The UK supreme court has uphold the Home Office rules stopping Britons bringing their foreign spouses into the country.

 According to Metro, Since 2012 a Britsh person must earn more than £18,000 per annum before their husband or wife from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) can settle in the UK.

Families affected by the rules appealed against the mandatory income requirement  to the supreme court saying it breached human rights legislation, but seven  supreme court judges held that  the rule ' is acceptable in principle'.

However, they said the rule need ammendment as they 'unlawfully fail to take proper account' of the need to safeguard children when making decisions which affect them.

The Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said: "These measures were drawn up as part of the government's failed policy to reduce net immigration. She said the opposition Labour party 'will implement a fair and balanced immigration system which does not split families apart'.

 Meanwhile Ryan Shorthouse, the director of Bright Blue has suggested the government to scrap the net migration target to reconcile traditionalists and liberals on immigration to ensure a fairer and more effectively controlled immigration system.

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