Monday, 20 March 2017

A New Nigeria on a shared struggle and shared identity- 'Conquering Techniques'

"We are at the point where the catastrophic failings of the system are so gallingly obvious that anyone who supports it or denies change is needed is verbally daubing themselves with the blackcross of the dammed. We are voluntarily subscribing to the belief system that is punishing us and enabling us to be exploited"- Russell Brand

Regional autonomy is a 'story of Scale and Specialisation, the story of Urbanization and Industrialisation'.
 According to Prof. Sir Paul Collier; "there is no country in the world that could climb to prosperity, at least as defined in terms of being a high income society unless it is urbanised".

Federal Power kills Independence of states to exploit scale and specialisation. States and Regions in Nigeria are very poor, low in productivity and low incomes because of the Federal Power; Federal policies to deny the states/regions independence to have basic infrastructures for development including Export Zones, AirHubs, global connectivity, jobs, increase in skills and wages,  foreign investment, thereby keeping them in poverty.

 Federal power determines when states/regions will have Airports, Airhubs, etc. They introduced quota systems in education and employment killing the labour market, killing wages, deny some people education, higher technology, higher productivity and higher wage potential activities, while some people from a particular region are favoured and sent on government scholarships, etc.

"Politically and Economically, this is a huge problem"- Prof. Sir. Paul Collier .

 Customs Authority is controlled by the federal power. Federal government policies make it difficult for political support from the government for the custom system to work for people and companies.

According to Ann -Kio Briggs, Nigeria has 774 Local Government Areas. Northern Nigeria has 19 states. The 19 states has 419 Local government Areas. Southern Nigeria has 17 states and the states have 357 Local Government Areas. Working from the data from the office of Accountant General as published by the Federal Ministry of  Finance(April, 2013), the 357 Local Government Areas of the Seventeen Southern States received 45.1% of what they contribute, a 100%, whereas the 419 Local Government Areas of the 19 Northern States receieved 54.9% and contributed 0.00%.
(Injustice of Revenue Allocation in Nigeria; Ann-Kio Briggs)

 A political system that concentrates power in the hands of a few elites is pointless and must be resisted.
 Every  four years, we are called to peform the same rituals- Nollywood entertainment they call elections. Whether we participate or not a winner must emerge to continue business as usual: 'Power, conspiracy, Corruption'.

You create a system to exploit people, control their lives and destroy the livelihoods and their future, but fly yourselves to the best hospitals in the world,  send your children and relatives on scholarships to the best schools in the world , settle your friends and families not bothering to build one for the country, and we are fighting corruption. What is corruption?

Regional autonomy will save us from 'endless special prayers, night vigils and deliverance seessions'. Pray for us, Pray for Nigeria- Nonsense!

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Uche Okeke
This is 21st century, smart state not a big government is what poor societies need to transit from poverty to prosperity. "Great Minds Think Unalike"
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