Thursday, 2 March 2017

'A new way of looking at things (soon)

Be Informed. Listen. Participate. Get Involved, change the system.

'Total civil disobedience and non-violent approach ' is the only way to get them to change the system. People need not be afraid of the big army, rather the government should be afraid of the people. It's the people that will be voting for them during elections.

"Protest requires challenging the elites, with a view of forcing them to compromise.
Symbolic non-violent resistance needs to be backed up by other forms of activism that disrupt at a more fundamental level. This protest must be persistence" - Commaerts, Associate Professor of Media and Communications at London School of Economics and Political Science.

"This process will involve us all and start whenever we are ready, unless you're blissfully happy with the way things are."-Russell Brand.

We must say no to the way things are. 'The world's exploited people in the struggle for autonomy matters now more than ever'.

"We learn from being lied to, even if the process can be horribly painful..., In the end, the web will be made trustworthy again by our own decisions about who to trust"- The Guardian

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