Thursday, 30 March 2017

About Me; 'Imagine the future you'ld like to create'

"Are you willing to be wrong?...,The difficulties we had to face in life doesn't mean you're destined to fail"- PAUL MCKENNA.

"We are here to learn lessons, and the world is our teacher...We reach points in our life when we are ready for new information. Until then, something can be staring us in the face but we don't see it"- Andrew Mattews.

Uche Okeke is a Statistician, Social Entrepreneur and Development Practitioner.
 He attended Government Secondary School Afikpo, Ebonyi State. He was the best graduating student in Statistics at Abia State University, Nigeria in 1992. He taught Secondary School Mathematics at Obaji Comprehensive High School, Ekan, kwara State 1993-94, during his National Youth Service.

He was  Analyst Reinsurance at the former Nigeria-French Insurance Company Limited Lagos, Nigeria ; 1994 -1998, where he resigned voluntarily in 1998. He has remained self-employed .

 He put on hold MBA Management ,Admissions at Open University Business School UK,since 2012 , due to immigration issues.
He holds a Diploma in International Trade, Professional qualifications in Insurance , Entrepreneurship, etc.
He has participated in various International Development courses including : Democratic Development, Entrepreneurship Innovation and Social Change, Growing Entrepreneurship in Transition Economies, Economic Development, Public Policy Challenges o the 21st Century , Federalism and Decentralisation; Evaluating Africa's Track Record, Citizen Engagement, Acumen Leadership Essentials, (Global Diplomacy and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies, soon), thanks to technology.
He posseses efficient skills of research, communication, etc. .
 He is a member of many professional organisations.

 He is the Founder of Imo People Development Foundation, The LEAD Project Foundation,(,,
Trade News Ng(,, (,

Uche Okeke has two children; Uchezurum and Sochima Okeke.

 Poor societies need 'new responses and specialist skills' to exploit new ways of doing things in the 21st century. It must not be business as usual.

We as citizens must play our part in helping to shape domestic policies, helping to get people out of poverty. Africa is blessed with abundant resources, the market is huge, the potential is great ,but we must get the policy makers to get it right. I know it's a struggle, it can be done with good leadership , motivated team with the right skills and commitment. Increased productivity is a necessity for poor societies to ascend out of poverty, not increased violence.

My dear Lord Jesus Christ, I adore you from the depth of my nothingness, and I thank you for all the graces you have bestowed upon me and the gift of consciousness to help shape the society, a cause i'm wholly committed to. All I ask is the perfect fulfilment of your will.

Uche Okeke

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