Sunday, 26 March 2017

Act Now or be left behind; remove the barriers to economic development

"Policy makers must create the conditions for innovation to thrive with massive investment and political backing"-Alan Mark( We Need to Nuture the New Tech For The Fourth Industrial revolution; Evening Standard, Thursday 16, March 2017). Photo: Google Images.

No doubt the future is technology and Entrepreneurship. Ascent out of poverty  needs great leadership with the political will to make massive investment in public infrastructure that will drive productivity.

Sadly in Nigeria, the politicians are more concerned about the next election. They only invest in the next election to continue business as usual. Collect monthly allocation, use the LGA funds for their friends and families.

Ignorant people sing their praises not bothered with the massive societal damage by the politicians: Obsolete educational systems, inadequate broadband access', no electricity, insecurity, poor foundations for economic development.

The politicians must do more to recognise the urgent need to empower ordinary people by investing in the right policies instead of the next elections.
Millions of Nigerians lack internet/ broadband access.No library in our LGA's, no electricity,etc.
 This a big barrier to development. High-speed internet in every remote corner of the country is a must have.

Providing the right education and high-speed internet access lays a good foundation that allows the new way of jobs. This requires great political courage and financial investment . To me this should be the very basic goals of anyone in governance at all levels. Let's do more for today and the future.

Uche Okeke
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