Thursday, 9 March 2017

Buhariology- 2

'Politics is hard earned, often by war'. Every life has a moment. Photo: Google Images

President Muhammadu Buhari takes his place in the Nigerian struggle for a better union.
He deeply believed in a corrupt-free Nigeria, but circumstances surrounding his emergence as a democratic president made the struggle adversarial.

His sad take is identity politics, and totalitarian ideology, which discredits his idea of national redemption.

In a heterogynous country like Nigeria with a complex mix of ethnic, religious, regional, cultural factors, the real lesson is for politicians to move away from divisive politics and lead a nation free from fear.

 Every society needs leadership that will promote inclusiveness, human security, human happiness and flourishing, human dignity and freedom.

President Buhari remains one of the great men who matched the moment.

Politics is truly the driver of history. "It will determine whether we will live long enough to be heard one day. Out there. By them, the few-the-only- who got it right"- Charles Krauthammer.

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