Wednesday, 15 March 2017

INEC, 2019 Elections and a Devastated Nation

INEC has just announced the time table for 2019 elections. Despite the promises of reforms, it's business as usual. No doubt, the country's democracy is still in a fragile state.

Somehow this is a good intervention as the present government has demonstrated lack of capacity and commitment to build a new society on a shared identity.

The right policies are not there, there is total lack of confidence in government , no productivity in all sectors, insufficient public investment in infrastructure, non-existent local government areas, no plans for decentralization,and the leadership is not willing to let the Vice President with the sophistication to build a 21st century society to be incharge to drive a new Nigeria, despite incapaitation- detoriating health issues.

 The country is still marred in violence, the creation of the politicians. We still have the herdsmen and boko-haram killing people in various communities, destroying farming and local economic activities.

 There is no inclusiveness, no citizen engagement and the elected officials are not accountable to their constituents.
 No jobs, education sector is collapsed, no good healthcare services, people are dying in large numbers whereas medical tourism by the elites is on the increase the elites flown on a private jet to the best hospitals in Europe and America at the slightest opportunity.

2019 elections is another opportunity to reject the status-quo, the same people who have refused competent Nigerians to help drive growth and opportunities and build a new Nigeria on a shared identity to lift ordinary people out of poverty.

 Naturally change will not come from the same people who made the society the way it is to continue benefitting from the way it is.

Reliance on oil will soon become a distant dream as oil revenue funds terrorism, coupled to a shift to technology and the country hasn't got adequate plans to invest in people and technology.

 Make no mistake, we must not trust these people with our collective future as they don't have what it takes to meet the challenges of the future.

 People have to be equipped with the right information to understand political deception.

Decentralization is inevitable.

Uche Okeke , My View
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