Monday, 27 March 2017

One Woman; A True Life Story

All i could hear was; this Mr Okeke I'm seeing here does not look like someone that could be bullied into submission.

Finding something in tragedy can be a great challenge. Tragedy is always starring us in the face, but how we make the best of it is what defines us. You must be willing to think outside the box, else you become a willing tool and the enemy wins.

Despite my injury, i gained perspective, i was determined never to let my injury determine my future.

 According to Danielle Goldstein: "Although I've lost my sight, I've gained perspective. I always look for the positives. Sometimes I'ld like to forget what I 've been through but what I've had to give up has made me who I am. If I hadn't lost my eyesight, I probably would've been a right spoiled cow. I might have stayed in the suburbs and turned out totally boring and materialistic".
[My London Story: 'I Get People To Laugh At Things They Wouldn't Normally'; Interview by Danielle Goldstein;Time Out London, March 21-27,2017]

The enemy must not win. We must deny the enemy victory and learn to stand still in times of 'darkness and adversity'. Never give in to fear and never allow fear to'cower'us. We must find the courage to fight injustice, afterall we can only live once.

 Today, I've obtained qualifications from some of the world's finest universities . I am a member of some of the world's finest organisations with great opportunities.

"Being able to adapt to circumstances outside of your control has long been recognised as an attribute of successful leaders..., Certain events will always remain outside of our control. Success involves recognising that there is no single, right answer"
-[How to be resilient in the face of Brexit: 'Are you sleepwalking towards a post referendum disaster'; CityAM. Wednesday 29 March 2017].

Similarly Dr.Mark Winwood said :''we must have the resolve and inner strenght to size up a difficult situation, decide what's needed and take decisive action to deal with it".
According to him; "Resilience isn't about being seen to act tough or pretending everything is fine when it's not. Dealing with challenges and adversity can be a spur to acquiring and using new skills. Make the most of them.
In addition, knowing that you've performed well under pressure can boost morale and build confidence and leave you better placed to deal with future challenges.
Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, so don't be afraid to accept help and support from those who know and care about you. Think about connecting with like minded others, through trade and professional associations and social media groups"
-[ Bounceback-ability: 'How to build resilience amid change; It's not about pretending everything is fine when it's not'- Dr. Mark Winwood; CityAM , Teusday 28 June 2016.]

We will keep doing the things we love for there is where true happiness lies.

This story is defintely going to be a book, sponsors and advertisers are welcome to contact me.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"- George santayana.

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