Saturday, 4 March 2017

People, Passion and Performance

"The most useful role in any society is not doctor or Judge, merchant or monarch. It is the dissident. The person prepared to place themselves outside the concensus and articulate the case against the conventional wisdom is the true hero of history, because it is only when authority is challenged that progress is secured"- Michael Gove; Former UK Justice Secretary(The Times). Photo: Uche Okeke

These are extra-ordinary times; given political and economic challenges, including climate change,etc.
 In times like this ordinary people need independent opinion to help shape their world view.
' It requires community sector professionals to reflect on how they can contribute to progressive change and lead projects that inspire civic engagement'.
This is the work of Social Entrepreneurship.

 According to Michael Gove, former UK Justice Secretary: "The dissident drives change, advances enlightenment and helps human flourishing. If we fail to be a rebellion against authority, then it does not deserve the talents of our brightest children. It is only through learning how to argue against error that successive generations can effectively defend what is right...., when nearly everyone in a field shares the same political orientation, certain ideas become orthodoxy, dissent is discouraged and erros can go unchallenged".

Politics is about ideas. We can only make a difference in the world by having the ability to start conversations to change people's mind set. "To inspire personal progress we communicate this purpose through story telling which we hope inspires people to progress"-Diageo Syl Saller

Naturally some people will hate me for doing this kind of work. "I'm not sure why, but i've learned over the years that there is nothing i can do about it, and if some reason i am reminded, i certainly don't worry about it"- Esther Rantzeen.

 Infact, i have had my own injury. Anyone with my injury may not be able to do this job, but i'm determined to do it.

We must help drive human progress. I buy this ideology that  the state should be limited in its scope and only act in such a way as to advance freedom and opportunity, equal rights, tolerance, diversity, equality of opportunity.

 Wealth should not be achieved at the expense of the poorer members of the society. I believe in 'inalienable rights'; ''life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness''.

We must work hard to open people's mind to new possibilities, free their minds, enabling them to accept it is possible to hold different beliefs without necessarily threatening public order and security'.

New ways of understanding the world 'free from religious prejudices and the corruption of truth' by those in power and those who benefit from the way things are, those who believe that it must be business as usual.

To be completed soon.

"All progress depends on the unreasonable man because reasonable men accept the world as it is, while unreasonable men persist in adapting the world to them"-George Bernard Shaw

Uche Okeke
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