Friday, 10 March 2017

The big challenge : Building a new Nigeria on a shared Identity; coming soon

''In a society where there is no very strong sense of national identity, the only solution for greater economic development is radical decentralization''- Prof.Sir Paul Collier.

We all know that the system is not working, the political parties are the same. APC manifesto promised us restructuring, now they're no longer talking about it.
 Former Vice President Atiku, is leading the call for for restructuring and regional autonomy, but we must remember; "there is absolutely nothing the man will not say to get elected, it is part of the game"

This is a big challenge to political leaders and requires immediate action. It's also a big challenge to the civil society to use mass protest to demand for change.

 Protest requires challenging the elites with a view of forcing them to compromise and change the system,- build a shared identity of lifting ordinary people out of poverty. ''This protest must be persistent''
 People should not be afraid of governments, rather government should be afraid of the people.

We must pay great attention to this 'wider challenge' . We must free ourselves from this insane situation- exploitative and destructive system that benefits just a minority.

Lord teach us to share justly the good things which come from your loving hand, to bring peace and reconciliation where conflict and disorder reign, to speak out as advocates for those who have no voice.

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