Monday, 10 April 2017

Decentralisation not the next election Part2, by Uche Okeke

You must not be a politician to help shape and define the future of your society. In Nigeria, inequality is the creation of the politicians, the greedy cabals holding the nation to ransome with violence.
 Some of these people are 'fake and fraudlent', unfit for 21st century democratic governance.

We've built a very strong case for decentralisation, the only solution to the political quagmire we find ourselves.

 The Deputy Senate President, Distinguished Senator Ike Ekweremmadu has indicated States will be given more powers, this is a welcome development. We also need autonomy at the LGA's freeing up  the LGA's from the grips of autocratic and greedy Governors who create poverty by depriving the people local autonomy.

Decentralisation is about Freedom , Productivity , Opportunities, Competition,and Accountability.
 It's established that decentralisation is the only way to reduce/narrow inequality gap, free up national resources to empower ordinary people.

There is no reason for our politics to be centralised in Abuja, allowing few people to decide the fate of about 200 million people. There is no need for concentration of 'political and economic power' in Abuja, and peoples lives now at the mercy of heartless crooks who are only interested in their families and friends.

"The solution is to allow regions and their splendid cities to become self-governing including having the power to set local tax rates for individuals and firms."- Mark Feldner and Mattew Bonnon.

Decentralisation is proved successful in various places including Switzerland.

 According to Richard Koch, the author of the book :  ' The 80/20 Principle;  Regional tax competititon works in switzerland: "Despite having only 8 million people, Switzerland is divided into 26 highly independent cantons, all raising their own taxes. It is a wealthy country and has repeatedly come top as the most economically free country in Europe".

 He concluded that the Swiss experience shows that decentralisation/ Regional Autonomy promotes efficiency, democratic accountability and the creation of wealth, as well as decent local services and a high degree of community spirit.

"By decentralising , we can empower people in currently underperforming cities and , counties can develop their own competitive advantage, attracting talent and investment"
. [Embrace Radical Decentralisation to Help The Poor and Increase Freedom- Richard Koch; CityAM, Friday 7 April 2017

Before we talk about the next election, the politicians should address this very important issues of decentralisation to free ordinary people from the chains of poverty, the very creation of the politicians to consolidate power.

Democracy needs well- informed citizenry to counter the silly narratives of the crooks, the powerful to misinform ordinary people and continue business as usual.

 We must commit ourselves to some kind of a purpose beyound our own individual survival.
The political elites are ruthless gangs out of sympathy with ordinary people. We must not celebrate them nor celebrate a system that condemns people to greater 'ignorance, less freedom and less control over our future.

As I said in my last blog post, this federal structure will continue to leave us in the past, in the dark and continue to make our lives more miserable.

 Decentralisation/ Regional Autonomy will dismantle all the military locations at our various backyards, free us from the past as conquered territories.

 The worst enemies of the people are the ones who collect money from these ruthless politicians to write nonsense on various media including social media, promoting narratives that are 'evidently' at odds with the reality. I don't blame them because in the words of Simon Jenkins; "arguing requires mental effort while virtue signaling requires none".

 We must reject a system that is 'rooted in the past, woefully and irretrievably out of touch"in the words of Michael Gove.
The whole essence of decentralisation is to bring down power to identity, set you free, free to grow and free to be yourselves.

Uche Okeke
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