Sunday, 9 April 2017

The heartbeat of a country

No doubt, this is the worst democratic experience in history. The government has demonstrated incapability drifting from one controversy to the other, undermining human rights.
There is widespread human rights abuse including constant harrassment and intimidation of activists, bloggers, etc. Okey Ndibe has just been released  from detention just for being a government critic.
The inefficiency of the federal system of government has now been laid bare for all to see, with one single objective - the next election and violence. They simply forget we are now in a new age of technology.

The politicians are gradually confirming the hard facts about our fragile democracy including a recent outbursts by Governor El-Rufai challenging the legislators to delare their earnings to the public,  ex-Governor Adams Oshimole lamenting on the need to curb execssive militarism in our politics and the legislators struggling to maintain legislative independence.
 I welcome their new found courage declaring not to be intimidated by the executive. The judiciary is in disarray, now cowed.
The political parties are struggling for relevance with infighting often orchestrated to weaken opposition .
Ordinary people are helpless, lying in boredomness, hunger and anger, lacking unity of purpose to confront the status-quo, prefering individual survival. Sycophancy seems to occuppy everybody's time , thus celebrating a system that robs them of their humanity.
Till date people are celebrating political appointments, a politicisation of a federal system to reward loyalists,killing independence, hard work, scale and specialisation etc.

The nation is bleeding to doom as there is no political will to address the fundamental national issues at stake- Decentralisation/Regional Autonomy.
 Decentralisation is about productivity, the better quality of life, ensuring that good governance and democracy is felt by ordinary people, having greater control of their resources and their daily lives, putting the right people in charge to represent them, innovation is encouraged and the limits to development and growth is removed.

 The current federal structure will continue to leave us in the past and in the dark and continue to make our lives miserable. All we will be hearing is the Herdsmen are raping our women and lands, Sheriff is a virus, Police Commissioner is sent to kill me, etc.

The future is very bleak giving the past and present trends and there seems to be no immediate answers to the prevailing circumstances. According to QUINX; "Before we look to the future, we must learn from the past".

 The situation remains business as usual; Power, Conspiracy, Corruption and the next election.

Uche Okeke

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