Thursday, 20 July 2017

Be Well-Informed. Follow the big stories . Read Stories That Matter

"Where the status-quo is challenged, innovation is encouraged and the limit to growth and development is removed"-Uche Okeke.

We speak out on the big issues that keep people poor, like inequality, Nigeria's Stalinist centralist political system that creates poverty. Together we can end poverty.

Think of a country like Nigeria where 70% of government revenue has been oil, but there is massive poverty.

 "A country with a lot of resource revenues will need distinctive institutions and a great leader...,
You get a bad leader and they crash the society to the bottom of humanity...,so citizens have to get sufficiently informed, that they get on the right side. The crooks, the initially powerful, they will be putting out narratives that try to misinform, and so it's the business of ordinary citizens to get properly informed"-Professor, Sir . Paul Collier. Oxford University.

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