Friday, 21 July 2017

Cut loose from all negative influences

"Young people are ready and looking forward to change, but their opportunities are being narrowed by a very slim majority of people"-Billy Bragg.  Photo: Uche Okeke

We must learn how to swim with the sycophants. Ordinary people have the power to effect change.

'In the western world life is comfortable for most people. In most parts of Europe there are safety nets of the social services and of government subsidised medical care'. There are good education, decent jobs, massive infrastructural investment, enterprise support, decent retirement, etc.
The government is working tirelessly to meet the challenges of the future, but this is not applied to you so why the sycophancy, why the ignorance. Some people prefer to become political thugs to the same system that robs them of their future.

The truth is that the awareness is growing. Those who suck the blood out the rest of the society using violence and cruelty are begining to realise that the status-quo is no longer sustainable.
 This is 21st century where there are new ways of doing things. This is the truth that the politicians seem scared to address.

Now is the time to renew our commitment to liberty.

Uche Okeke
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