Monday, 31 July 2017

E-mail from the CNN: 'The black commedy of the week'

In my last blog entry i mentioned there is a lot of work to be done to convince the international community of our capacity for modern democracy . Sincerely it's a very very long way for the country.

There are whole lot of people who have invested in its failure.
The march to modernity is truly a distant dream for Nigeria. This administration is built on propaganda and lies, deficit in honour and deficit in truth.  By trivialising the office of the president, the international community will simply be laughing at the barbaric bid to hold on to power by putting individual ambition ahead of the interest of the country.

We are dealing with some of the most dangerous people in the society who are only interested in what they will gain; people unsuitable for governance in the 21st century.

The latest twist is that the presidential jet has left the UK and not much is known about the president. Next up will have to be that the president has arrived Nigeria.

 Infact a big problem for the government is that they will soon run out of ideas on what  next to tell the electorates. For now it appears to be working for them , but we all know the answer...

Uche Okeke

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