Wednesday, 26 July 2017

When the president becomes a sympathetic headline

Seven Governors including two opposition Governors have been selected by the presidency to visit Nigerian leader in London.   Photo: Getty Images.

There is a bit of controversy  about the selection criteria. What has remained very unclear is the motive for such arranged private visit  and why such visit is important to the nation when the eletorates simply want the president to return to work or address the nation on his state of health .

Perhaps the opposition party was not even consulted to determine their own representation, despite the government's attempt to bring clarity .

However, this is not the key issue. The politicians have simply lost the plot in their desperate bid to keep power . They have simply made the president become a sympathetic headline.

 The truth is that President Buhari has retired from public life and now a private citizen. Nobody is sure when the doctors will give him a clean bill of health. If they're sure of his imminent return they wouldn't be arranging private visits to score cheap political points. Any body can be sick including the president but the country comes first.

Sadly 'nothing will ever be the same again' no matter how long they try to keep the electorates in the dark.  This is the truth that the politicians are uncomfortable to address.

The politicians should put the interest of the country above their personal interests instead of making the president a sympathetic headline.

Uche Okeke, My View

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