Thursday, 20 July 2017

There are too many things to negotiate- Gov. Dickson

“From your backyards they carve out portions of land in Lagos and Abuja and other capitals of the world and call them oil blocks. And I have said that what they sit down in their cozy offices and call oil blocks and give to whoever they choose to give are actually your (Niger Delta communities) ancestral properties.
“That is why we continue to raise issues about environmental justice. What is going on in all your communities I have described severally as environmental terrorism. Nobody should tell us that there is nothing to negotiate.
“There are too many things to negotiate. In this state we have only eight local government areas as decreed by the powers that be. And yet there are states that have forty.
“So, we get less than one quarter of what others get. The local governments can no longer pay salaries because they have no control over what we produce. "- Gov. Dickson. Photo: Google Images.

There is conclusive evidence that restructuring Nigeria's political system is the only way forward in a country faced with massive poverty and unending inequality, silly centralist politics of resource control.

Restructuring means making the country work for everyone.

"A country of great potentials where the aggregate of our country, resources, people, talents and diversity can put us on the world map. We are a blessed country. We just have to get things right"-Reuben Abati.

 According to Alhaji Abubakar Atiku, Former Vice President of Nigeria; "It's not abnormal for Nigerians to have different positions on restructuring, because it's a concept thatt means different things to different people". He concluded that restructuring means making changes to our current federal structure so it comes closer to what our founding leaders established, in response to the very issues and challenges that led them to opt for a less centralised system.
 If we maintain our current state structure how do we ensure their financial  viability? .

Decentralisation is about productivity, the better quality of life of ordinary people, ensuring that democracy and good governance is felt by ordinary people. Decentralisation is about having greater control of resources and our daily lives instead of  the current centralist system that has created corruption, inefficient leadership, massive poverty and social injustice.

This is the time to restructure the country to 'devolve more powers to the people through the lower levels of government and allow them have a greater say in how they are governed' instead of taking orders from Abuja and other vested interests.

Uche Okeke.

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