Friday, 21 July 2017

Top 100 Stories that can help change a society's whole way of thinking'

We've decided to put together our most popular posts to give more people the opportunity to revisit these stories we believe can really help change a society's whole way of thinking'.

 'Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are high-traffic, profitable blogs'. I love ExposureNinja: there's really no shortcut to this. "So don't be disheartened if your blog doesn't appear to get many readers for the first few months".

Persistence. Stick at it...''If you've got a plan for your blog make sure that you see it through''-ExposureNinja.

 We will continue to educate and help young people to change their world view with abundant evidence so that they can be on the right side.

'You get a bad leader and they crash the society to the bottom of humanity'. We must say no to this Stalinist centralist system of government that creates dependency culture, sycophancy, corruption, massive poverty, constant agitation and gross human right abuse.
A group of people arrogate power to themselves using cruelty and violence not minding the consequences.

1.Timi Frank  Demands Removal of El-rufai As Restructuring Panel Chair

2.There are too many things to negotiate-Gov. Dickson

3.A New Nigeria on a shared struggle and shared identity- 'Conquering Techniques':

4.A leap to the future; 'We need a smart state not a big government':

5.Buhariology; a significant lesson in history- Part 1:

6.State(s) of Crisis: Sub-national government in Nigeria; by Paul Adams:

7.Nigeria: Bank of Industry signs pact with 11 facilitators for youth entrepreneurship program:

8.Ugandans Prefer Sex Over Lunch:

9.Nigerian-born Oke Okaro On How Smartphones Will Fuel Innovation In Africa:

10.  Taking the MOOC online courses can help students gain admission at U.S. colleges.:

11.  Xenophobic attacks in  South Africa As Mobs Target Foreigners:

12.The 30 Year-Old Nigerian Mobile Phone Entrepreneur Who Is Challenging Apple In Africa:

13. Shocking Photos of What happens in Parties in Narobi:

14. About Me: Try New Things:

15. Oral Sex Linked To Increase in Tongue Cancer :

16. Massive Surge in Nigerian Prostitution in Italy:

17. Buhariology Part 2:

18. The Peril of Denial:

19. Get Digital, Leverage Technology for freedom:

20. Life in a Rural Society: Give me the food or I'll beat you up:

21. The Herdsmen: An ugly tool for colonising enterprises fully underway :

22. Nigeria Ranked last on 152 countries commitment to reduce inequality:


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