Thursday, 27 July 2017

When the country stops to think.

"Nigeria is not working in anybody's interest except that of the priviledged few and because of this there is an obession with unnecessary distractions like which part of the country that produces the president"- Professor Chukwuma Soludo.

 Nigeria offers great opportunity  for young people in the digital world. There is a lot of content to be generated . The socio-economic, and political enviroment is always charged bubbling with new developments daily.

We have read Oxfam's report on inequality in Nigeria. The National Assembly has just given more boost to the report by overwhelmingly rejecting political restructuring and devolution of power. The national assembly has just enhanced various aspects of the political arrangement that suits their interest.

The struggle has always been between the autocratic governors and the national legislators. The whole idea is to break the grips of the state governors at the local level to enable the legislators compete favourably for the life of local politics and  the control of the LGA's.

 What do you except from a Military constitution put in place soley to promote division and concentrate demographic and political power to a particular region. We can only talk of inclusiveness if there is a fair and balanced representation at the national assembly, which can only be achieved by restructuring the country.

 It's obvious that the current composition is a pseudo political arrangement put in place to advance vested interests.

Furthermore, we have seen the update on the health of the president. The politicians were seeking to prove the skeptics wrong by convincing us that the president is very much alive. They're aware that the constitution could be exploited to create more uncertainty. But they have lost the plot. The photos tell the stories....

 They are not perturbed by the political and economic consequences of lack of decision -making in a country of more than 200 million. The president can remain in a foreign land at the expense of the tax payers as long as he likes despite the impact on governance.

 Britain will ban disel and petrol cars from 2040, its implications on oil economies is obvious. We will talk about this later.

The more you dig deeper the less interesting it becomes, however the bitter truth is that the digital technology gives us the freedom to make ourselves happy creatively. This great opportunity could be explored by young people .

We are getting nothing done. Everything is in a mess. Unless we overhaul our political and economic system, the country will definitely be left behind meandering on from crisis to crisis.

  According to Matt Ridley; 'Politicians can pose as being motivated purely by the public interests while actually promoting the interests of the few minority'.

Uche Okeke
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