Wednesday, 26 July 2017

When the president becomes a sympathetic headline- Part 2

In my last blog post on this topic i was very correct in observing that the politicians have lost the plot in a bid to hang on to power putting their interest ahead the country.  Photo: Facebook.

No one can escape creationism including the president. We are all mortals who are bound to obey creationism, but the politicians have not handled this situation very well.

A close look at these photos that are now viral online show that the president is very unfit to continue in office. It's very , very sad if the politicians fail to acknowledge this glaring fact and stop playing politics of emotions.

The politicians should help earn his place in history by doing the right thing instead of playing politics with the president's health.

The president needs all the rest he can get . He  doesn't deserve  unnnecessary politicisation of his health.

God works in life according to his purpose. No one can question God,

 Again , President Buhari remains man of the moment. He has served his country well and deserve his rest and honour .

 The rest is left to history. ' Leaders come and go but the country remains.

 We wouldn't complain of a weak political leadership as we have a capable Acting-President.  Now is the time to give him the support he needs to fulfill the promise of reforms instead of unnecessary political uncertainty.

There is a lot of work to do to reassure the citizens and international community of our capacity for modern inclusive democracy built on a shared value and shared identity to lift ordinary people out of poverty.

Uche Okeke, My View.

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