Wednesday, 16 August 2017

'Display your scorecard since the blame game no longer connect with Nigerians'-GEJ

"The curse of contemporary politics is the urge to insist that complex problems have simple solutions"- Mattew d'Ancona.

 We are almost nearing the end of Buhari's presidency. Soon political activities for 2019 elections would start.
 The achievements of this government are now there for all to see: the same old question; from one controversy to another.

The reuters have just confirmed what we have known a very long time; the cabal whose interest is only power is holding the rest of the country to ransome not minding its impact on the country. The report is there for all to read. A group of ruthlessly determined individuals who would stop at nothing including murder to hold on to power even without anything to offer....

The truth is that the country's solution is not beyond the people, the major problem has always been the cabals with a monopoly of violence who have invested in the failure of the country, the sycophants and the unthinking masses.

This government understands very well the value of propaganda and lies and uses it very well to misinform the general public. They're yet to appreciate the fact that this the age of instant communication. See GEJ.

 It amuses me when they sing this  silly slogan- corruption, when everyone is involved in it.  The rest of the society have come to believe that corruption is the problem of the country whereas the centre has created the conditions for corruption and the mess we are all in while frustrating every genuine efforts to restructure the country to reduce the prevalence of corruption.

 From falsifying the census figures to flawed political representations, hijacking the nation's oil blocks to benefit 'the few' to building a large army to threaten the rest of the society with violence.

 Till date the government is yet to see the diversion of public funds to fund  pilgrimage and traditional rulers as corruption, whereas universities  and vital public infrastructure for development remain underfunded.

The solution to this nation's problem remains -restructuring the country to remove the monopoly of resources by the centre for the use of 'the few' and create greater opportunities for a whole lot people who now depend at the mercy of very few people to survive in a 21st century.

The whole place is littered with people who simply lack words to describe the unending question of how did we get into this mess?.

 The reality is that this is a very desperate and weak government unsure of it's own future ever ready to unleash cruelty and violence to carry on with it's 'out- of- the box ideas'.

 Free up the people,  Free up the resources at the centre and enough of this jargon- corruption.

Uche Okeke.

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