Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Modern slavery and human trafficking is going on in every town and city in the UK says the National Crime Agency

The UK  National Crime Agency has just raised alarm at the level of modern slavery and human trafficking going on in every town and city in the UK.

According to them : "The more that we look for modern slavery, the more we find evidence of the widespread abuse of the vulnerable. The growing body of evidence we are collecting points to the scale being far larger than anyone previously thought. This should not be acceptable in any way, shape or form".

 Sadly the immigration system creates the conditions for this man's inhumanity against man. When people are subjected to cruelty and indignity of unemployment by the system that claims to promote human rights, the result is chaos.

The instruments of the state is directed against individuals to meet immigration target. People are subjected to inhuman conditions of working illegally and against their will.

The hard truth is that if you have immigration issues in the UK , you would know that hell is real. You are ridiculed and subjected to all sorts of abuse, exploitation and disgrace by all and sundry including people who are meant to be in the lead against such practice- Employers, Solicitors, landlords, even frenemies.

Till date some people are paid ridiculously very low to work illegally and against their will by heartless employers driven by personal gains while exploiting the loopholes in the system.

 I'm very surprise that the government is just waking up to this reality that has eaten life out of millions of people who have no one to complain to.

Launching a campaign to raise awareness of the signs of modern slavery is a welcome development. If you suspect someone is being controlled or coerced into work, or have any information on slavery gangs contact the National Crime Agency on   080-00121-700.

Uche Okeke is a Social Entrepreneur.

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