Monday, 21 August 2017

The Age of weapons of Mass Destruction; BIAFRA has joined the league of weapon states

We are in for 'abnormal' times. This is an age in which no country is completely safe from this sad invention of man. Even the 'Indestructible' BIAFRA now claims to have acquired the destruction bomb and the means to deliver it.

They even released the photos of their nuke claimed to have been built by a BIAFRAN diaspora expert based in Russia, which has now gone viral on the internet.  The story said the nuke is capable of destroying Ten- States in Nigeria including Abuja, of-course everyone knows that Abuja is their target. Please let them take it easy.

 We know the BIAFRANS are no longer ready stake for another 'destruction and exile'. Nnamdi Kanu says, this is not 1967, so he really mean business about his vision of 'indestructible ' BIAFRA. Do we blame him, when your existence is at stake. There is  still this  unresolved issue of Quit Notice by some group of  Northern youths come October 1, etc.

 North Korea bowed to the superior power of America and global diplomacy by reconsidering their position to hit American base.  President Trump said the US will hit them with 'fire and fury' on a scale never seen by the world.

 I learnt they said they will take up their arms, if America and its allies, go ahead with their annual military drill in the Korean territory. The truth is that everyone wants peace. According to the winner of the Pultzer Prize, Charles Krauthammer,; "the most aggressive world power, Stalin's Soviet Union acquired the bomb yet never used it, so North Korea dares not use it".

 But, what of Boko-Haram, that's where the real danger lies. If they get their hands on this thing, all these people in Abuja will be the first to get on the next available flight to Europe and America with their families, not minding the fate of ordinary people.

 Modern technology has enabled the process of obtaining this bomb fast. If nothing is done, this will present the world with more uncertainites.

 Nnamdi Kanu please don't release your 'nukes'. Continue to dialogue with 'the few'; the good and the great who have 'defiantly and openly' remained obstacle to human progress and prosperity by resisting the national call for restructuring. They have just set-up a committee of people with hostile or contrary interests to buy time, waiting for the next election to continue business as usual.

Averting chaos is always a call to greatness.  PEACE ! PEACE!

Uche Okeke,

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